At Rollwell Engineering, we strive to deliver the highest quality outcomes for our clients on time, within budget and whilst creating zero harm. All our operations are carried out according to our established, ISO Accredited Integrated Management System (IMS). Serving to formalise the policies, procedures and operating standards that apply to all Rollwell employees, partners and subcontractors, our IMS helps us maintain the highest standards of quality, efficiency, safety and environmental responsibility across everything we do.

Creating Safer Work Practices

Comprised of ISO 45001, the internationally accredited standard for OH&S, as well as ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental management), our IMS has been implemented with the complete support and participation of all our staff. This system reinforces our safety culture and facilitates the continual improvement of our safety credentials through a platform of ongoing evaluation, process auditing and staff training.

At Rollwell Engineering, our ISO 45001 Accreditation is reflected across all areas of our business, from the drafting table and office through to the shop floor and the field. Reducing both safety and environmental risks to ourselves, our clients and our communities is proactively considered across all facets of our design, fabrication and installation processes.

Our IMS consists of a series of policies, plans, procedures and instructions which are designed and linked to promote safe and environmentally friendly workplaces. The main objectives of the IMS are to:

  • Promote a high level of IMS awareness at all levels and functions of the organisation.
  • Provide guidance and reinforce requirements to ensure all systems, tools and training are maintained as per the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards throughout the organisation.
  • Minimise the impacts of our organisation’s activities, products and services on the environment.
  • Ensure conformance with our stated Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy.
  • Ensure safety is a consideration across all design, planning, production and field activities.
  • Ensure the total commitment of all employees and subcontractors to uphold Rollwell Engineering’s IMS standards.
  • Make health and safety management an integral part of every decision.
  • Achieve healthy, safe and injury free workplaces.