Rollwell Engineering delivers fully customised fabrication and engineering solutions to a diverse range of Perth organisations across the telecommunications, water, power and transport infrastructure sectors, as well as working regularly with defence and government clients. We maintain a flexible and highly qualified team of Designers, Draftspeople, multi-disciplinary Engineers and Fabricators enabling us to efficiently and cost-effectively execute projects of varying size and scope.

At Rollwell Engineering, we undertake design, fabrication and installation projects certified to a range of codes meeting requirements in line with Australian and American Standards. All our operations, whether in the workshop or onsite at our clients’ facilities, are also carried out within the stringent parameters of our ISO Accredited quality, safety and environmental management systems.

Regularly servicing clients such as Clough, CBI Constructors, Optus and Vodafone and with large-scale project experience including Wheatstone and Gorgon, we work closely with our clients to deliver fully customised fabrication solutions. Our services encompass everything from pipework and steel fabrication through to the design, manufacture and installation of tanks, pressure vessels, surface treatments, communication poles/towers and architectural steel structures. We manufacture to client-supplied specifications or can work with clients from the conceptual design phase to produce fully customised, modelled and tested shop drawings tailored to their project requirements. Our infrastructure capabilities encompass:

  • Steel components, trusses, frames and structures.
  • Architectural steel components and large-scale artworks/sculptures.
  • Surface treatments.
  • Waste transfer station tanks.
  • Pipe and connection works.
  • Pressure vessels and tanks.
  • Access platforms and staircases.
  • Pump station componentry.
  • Port facilities.
  • Bridge and overpass girders and structural steel.
  • Pontoons
  • Ductwork
  • Design, drafting and modelling.
  • Onsite assembly, installation and commissioning.

Why Choose Rollwell

We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations with regard to the quality, efficiency and value we bring to their projects.

Quality Driven

We take pride in our work and strive to maintain the highest levels of precision and attention to detail across every project. Working within the parameters of our ISO 9001 quality processes, we take a proactive approach to ensuring our clients achieve optimal outcomes across all stages of their projects.

Customised Solutions

Rollwell Engineering provides fully customised fabrication solutions. Working closely with our clients, we create and manufacture products designed to meet the individual requirements, budgets and timelines of specific projects.

Flexible Services

Maintaining a highly adaptable, client-centric approach, Rollwell Engineering works with a wide range of clients across projects of varying size and scope. We cost effectively execute everything from small welding jobs through to complete, multi-million-dollar fabrication projects encompassing all facets of design, detailing, drafting and installation.

Over 20 Years’ Experience

Located in Kwinana, Rollwell Engineering has a proud, local heritage dating back over 20 years. We value our community and are passionate about supporting initiatives that enhance the economic development and environmental protection of our region.

Diverse Project Capabilities

Over the course of our history, we are privileged to have worked with many high-profile clients across some of WA’s most notable projects. With expertise spanning the mining, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing and infrastructure sectors, our project experience includes everything from Gorgon, Wheatstone and Cape Lambert in the North to Kings Park in Perth.

Safety and Environmental Management

At Rollwell Engineering, we are committed to delivering high quality results for our clients in the safest and most environmentally sensitive way possible. All our operations, whether in our workshop or in the field, are strictly conducted within our ISO Certified 45001 and 14001 Standards for safety and environmental management.

Our Fabrication Services

Rollwell Engineering provides precise and efficient fabrication, pressing, rolling and welding services to a wide range of organisations across Perth and WA. With a fully equipped 1500m² workshop and 2000m² lay down area, as well as design, detailing and onsite installation capabilities, we offer high quality steel fabrication services across a vast range of industries tailored to the requirements of our clients’ projects.

At Rollwell Engineering, we are committed to delivering high quality outcomes for our clients in a safe, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner. All our operations, whether undertaken in our workshop or onsite at our clients’ facilities, are carried out within the stringent parameters of our ISO Accredited quality, safety and environmental management processes. Regardless of a project’s size or scope, our considered and systematic approach ensures our clients can rely on us to consistently deliver high standards of quality, safety and professionalism.



We specialise in steel and sheet metal fabrication relating to communication poles/towers, chute work, tank work, pipework, pressure vessels, conveyors and architectural work. Our expertise spans a wide variety of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, titanium, alloys and other metals.

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Relying on the latest press brake technology, we produce fully customised solutions encompassing square to rounds, eccentric and concentric cones, customised pipe clamps, top hat sections, channels and more. With large batch capabilities, we also have diverse guillotining, cropping and cutting capabilities and tailor solutions to our clients’ needs.

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Rollwell Engineering specialises in rolling a wide range of plates, RHS/SHS beams, columns pipes, channels, flat bars, equal/unequal angles and more with expertise spanning across mild steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, nickel, titanium and alloys. We offer fully customised solutions tailored to individual project requirements.

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We maintain a large team of Welders certified to a range of codes meeting the requirements of Australian and American Standards. All our operations are carried out to the highest quality standards and within the parameters of our ISO Accredited quality and safety processes.

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