Rollwell Engineering works in partnership with clients from a diverse range of industry sectors to provide complete, end-to-end engineering services. Our engineering consultancy services encompass everything from project reviews and feasibility studies through to conceptual design, 3D modelling, shop drawings and onsite installations.

Rollwell Engineering works with a highly qualified team of Engineers, Draftspeople, Fabricators and Welders enabling us to adopt a holistic view of our clients’ projects. Our broad-ranging expertise across all facets of a project’s life cycle ensures we are well positioned to proactively highlight any factors that have the potential to negatively affect successful project outcomes. And with a highly adaptive approach to our service delivery, we can cost-effectively assist clients with everything from small, prototyping projects through to multi-million-dollar construction ventures. Working with clients across the mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, infrastructure and construction sectors, we are proud to work with some of Perth’s highest profile organisations including CBI Constructors, Clough, Monadelphous, Civmec, Optus, Goodline, BHP and Rio Tinto.

Drafting services

Conceptual design, prototyping, engineering, 3D modelling and shop drawings relating to structural steel, tank work, pipework, mechanical systems, hydraulic systems and assembly line OEM componentry.

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Engineering consultancy

Project analysis, feasibility studies, due diligence reporting, sustainability reporting, site assessment, installation advice, BIM consulting and infrastructure planning relating to a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects.

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Site installation

Onsite welding, assembly, testing, installation and commissioning of heavy steel fabrication products, as well as production line and infrastructure componentry, across a diverse range of projects, including at remote mine sites.

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Recent Rollwell Projects